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Valinhos is a city next to the Campinas. The distance to the Sao Paulo is around 75km. It is very clean and quite city.



1. How to go there?

You may visit this city by car. There might be some buses to Campinas and the tax to this city would be 50 Reais from Campinas.

If you go to he Hodoviaria Tiete in the Sao Paulo, you may take a bus to Valinhos. The bus fare is around 20 Heais. The ticketing booth is located next to the those of Campinas and Peru. The bus will stop at Vinhedo first and it will stop at Valinhos 16 minutes later.


2.  Where to stay?

(1) Fonte Santa Terezza

I was staying in Fonte Santa Terezza for a couple of weeks. The meening of   is a pond and it has a small but beautiful pond.  The tariff is around 100 Reais per day. The room is a separate house rathern than a compartment. It is a kind of bangalor.


[Picture Entrance of Fonte Santa Terezza]


[Picture A scenary from the valcony]

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