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Tumbs of Aungsan

Tumbs of Aungsan was famous to many Koreans. Since there was a terror of North Korea around 1982. It was closed and opened again in June 2913,. The entrance fee is around 3 USD. The marble stone was too bright. It is located near Shwedagon Pagoda.

tumb of Aungsan

[picture 1. tumbs of Aungsan]


1. A Group of assassins had assassinated our leaders who were trying to free Union of Myanmar from the British Colony, on 19th of July, 1947 at 10:37 am in the secretariat

2. Under mentioned 9 leaders were passed away due to such assassination

(a)  General Aung San

(b) hakihin Mya

(c)  Dedoke U Ba Cho

(d) U Razak

(e) U Ba Win

(f) Mahn Ba Khaing

(g) Mienpon Shan Chief Sao San Tun

(h) U Ohn Maung

(i)  Ko Htway

3. The Martys's Mausoleum was built at Martyr Mount near Shwedagon Pagoda, Bahan Township, Yangon as monument in honour of the Late 9 Martyrs who were assassinated while they were serving for the benefits of the State.

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