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Famous Theme parks in Korea

The following theme park is Hanguoluyou's recommendation.

Rank 1. Everland

Everland is rather far from Seoul. BUt it has a safari zoo, water park and many rides. The garde is really beatiful and some of the performance is worth watching

Rank 2 Lotte World

One of the attraction of Lotte world is that it is loacted in the inside. It opens until 11 pm at night. You may also enjoy ice skating on the first floor, Laser show would be played at 8pm. You may easily reach to there by subway line 2 Jamsil.

Rank 3  Seoul Land

Seoul land is run by the city of Seoul. It has a zoo, science hall and theme park. The enterance fee of zoo is only 3 -5 USD. You may also visit National Modern Museum.


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