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I have lived in Tepoztlan for more than 3 months. It is famous for "Museo Nacional del Vireinato". It is an old chapels with many halls decorated in gold. It has some libraries and exhibition halls of armor and sword. It is also surrounded with beautiful mountains.

1.  How to go there?

One of the easist way to go there is take a Metro from the Mexico City.

You may take out a BuenaVista Sation. It will be only 0.3 USD for a ride.

At the BuenaVista Station, please take a Subarbuno Train to Cuatitlan. It will be 1.4 USD.

At the Cuatitlan station, there are many buses to Tepoztlan. It cost around 0.9 USD.

2.  Where to visit?

(1)  Museo Nacional Del Virreinato

It is an old church but it is changed into the museum. It has old flags and armor of Spain, more than 500 years old hymnal books and stone sculpture of Azatek cultures. The garden and corridor is also beautiful.

Tepoztlan Museo nacional del Vrreinato

[Picture 1. Outside view of the church]

[Picture 2. Tower of the church]

Jesue carrying cross tepoztlan

[Picture 3. Jesus carrying cross]

Tepoztlan Corridor of the church

[Picture 4. Corridor of the church]

Tepoztlan San Francisco chaple

[Picture 5. San Francisco chathedral]


[Picture 6. Armor and sword of Spain]

2.  Where to Buy?

(1)  Budega Aureras

Bodega Aureras is a big super market. And the price is much cheaper than Walmart or Mega Mall.

3.    Where to Stay?

(1) City Express Hotel

It is a national chain hotel in Mexico. It would cost around 70 USD. But it does not have bath tub and refregirator.

4.    Where to Eat?

(1)  Burgur King

There is a Burgur King store near the City Express Hotel.

(2)  Los Gaoneras

It is located near the City Express Hotel. They serve lots of beef if you order any steak manu.

(3) Wings

It is locatd near the Bus terminal. They also serves various steak.


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