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1.  Introduction

In a recent survey completed by the City of Seoul, it was found that the number one (1)  place visited by foreign tourists in Seoul is Myeongdong.  This area is generally famous for captial of fashion, culture and shopping. The most famous shooping center in this area is Milleore.

(1)  This is one of the most famous shopping place in Seoul

(2)  It is crowded with many tourist and there are many restaurants for foreigners

(3)  Most of the stores are opening up  to 2 am in the morning.

2.   Some of the Pictures in Myungdong

 Seoul Myeondong Lotter Department Store 

[Picture 1. Lotter Department Store.  This is one of the old department store in Myungdong it was pretty popular to many Japanese. Lotte hotel runs a free shuttle bus to Itaewon and Jamsil lotte world]

Seoul Myeongdong Shinsegae

[Picture 2]  Sinsegye department store is one of the old department store in Seoul. The water fountain in front of the store attracts tourist.

 Myeongdong Ibis hotel

[Picture 3] Hotle IBIS Myungdong Hotel IBIS Myungdong is one of the budget hotel in Myundong area. The tariff is much cheaper than the Lotte , Presi

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