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Seoul-Insadong (Best 5)

Insadong is a district of Jongno-Gu of the Seoul. It is the largest market for
antiques and artworks in Korea. It is one of the best place to buy souveniers.
During the early period of the Joseon Dynasty, the place
belonged to Gwaninbang and Gyeonpyeongbang. During the Japanese occupation, the wealty
Korean sold their belongings and this erea became an area of trading in antiques.

1.   Landscape of Insadong

Insadong budget Korea tour information 

[Picture Souvenir Stores in Insadong]

Insadong-Budget Korea tour information 

[Picutre : Traditional brush near the entrance]

1.  Halfday Tour Budget


2.  How to go?

Take subway #1. at take out at Jonggak station.

3.  What to do?

(1)  Buy souvenier.

(2) Watch performance

(3) Take traditional tea and food.

4.  What to buy?

There are plenty of souveniors in Insadong and it can be classifiled as follows

(1)      Traditional cake.

Insadong budget Korea tour information

There are plenty of traditional rice cake. Honey cake sellers are getting popularity.

(2)       Clay dolls

Insadong budget Korea tour information

Clay dolls could be a good gift. Usually they are kings or queens or newly married couples. Most of them are wearing traditional customs.

(3)      Pottery

Insadong Budget Korea tour information

Korea was also famous for potttery. Many green pottery were appointed as national treasures and there are many products which were made in the same design.

(4)      Shell products

Insadong Sea shell gift products budget Korea tour information. 

Many hand craft seashell products are also getting popularity. Some cheap name card holders would be USD12~13. But boxes various from USD30~200.

(5)    Sea weed and other spicy source

These items are popular to Japanese tourist. You can buy one pack in less than USD10..

(6)      Wood craft

Insadong wood craft- budget korea tour information

Traditional mask or a pair of birds are common. The traditioanl mask were used in the performance in Andong Hwahoi village, and the bird stands for everlasting of marrige.

6,   Area Map


7. Where to stay?

IBIS Hotel-Myungdong

Koreana Hotel

Lotte Hotel : It is one of the best hotel in Korea

President Hotel : It has a good liocation, but the room is somewhat small.

Plaza Hotel

Beewon Guest House : USD21,  28-2 Unni-Dojng, Jongno-Gu, Seoul (Zip:110-350)   Tel: 82-2-765-0670

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