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Seoul-Gyeongbok Palace(Best 1)

(Gyeongbok-Gung, Changgyeong-Gung, Duksu-Gung, Gyeonghee-Gung)


1.  Introduction

Halfday Tour Budget:  US$30 AM9:00~ PM 5:00 (Including Enterance Fee)

Built at the beginning of the Chosun Dynasty when the Yi Dynasty moved the capital to Seoul, this palace remained the main seat of power for Korea kings throughout much of the time to the present. Gyeongbok means Shining Happiness. The main gate (Kwanghwa-mun) separates Gyeongbok Palace from one of the busiest areas of Seoul. Gyeongbok Palace was built as the primary palace of the Chosun Kingdom by its founder, King Taejo in 1395, the fourth year of his reign.

2.  Some of the pictures in GyeongbokGung


    Gyeongbokgung-gyeonghuiru banket place

     [Picture: Gyeonghee-Lu in Gyeongbokgung]


[Picture: Hawngwon-Jeong in Gyeongbokgung]


gyeongbokgung-king's throne

[Picture King's throne in GyeongbokGung]

3.  General Location

It is located  in the old downtown of Seoul. You may take out

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