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Seoul-Dongdaemun Market (Best 2)

Dongdeamun market budget korea tour information 

[picture 1 East Gate]

dongdaemun market dudget korea tour information 

[picture 2 .Doota]

dongdaemun budget korea tour information

[picture 3 Nuzzon]

Dongdaemun Market or Tonddaemun market is one of the largest cloth market district comprising traditional markets and shopping centers in Jongno-Gu. This is popular shopping and tourist destination, it has been disgnated as a special tourism zone.

Halfday Tour Budget:


How to go ?

Take a subway line #2, #4, #5.

Where to go?

(1) Doosan Tower(Doota) :

One of the largest shopping mall It is rather well know to the foreigners,. There is a food gallery at the top of  the building,

dongdaemun market dudget korea tour information

(2) Milliore:

It is located next to Doota. You may see somre performance on the stage. It has another branch office in Myeongdong.

Mileore budget korea tour information

(3) Apm 

dongdaemun APM budget korea tour information

It is rather newly opened cloth shopping mall. It has a beautiful building decorations with neon

(4) Maxtyle

Maxtyle Dongdaemun Budget korea tour information

Maxtyle is a rather new shopping mall. It is located on the opposite of Doota It has interesting LED striped sings on the outside.

(5)   Nuzzon

dongdaemun budget korea tour information

Nuzzon is a rather old shooping mall. It is not that popular because of its geographical loaction.

Where to Stay?

Coop-Residence: located next to the Dongdeamun market. It also has some cooking facilities.

Hotel Kukdo: It is located on the Uljiro-4Ga subway station.

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