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Peru is famous for its native animal called Lima. A hidden city called Cachupichu is also well know. But many of the country is consisted of desert, rain forest and high moutains.

1.  How to go?

I visited there twice. One is from Panama City and the other is from the Sao Paulo in Brazil. It would take around 3 hours from Panama and it took 5 hours from Brazil. COPA airlines are running many flights to Lima in a day. One was around 5 pm from Panama to Lima.

LAN Airlines also runs many flights from all the Latin American countries.

2.  Where to stay?

(1)   Raddison hotel in San Sidro

I stayed at Raddison hotel in San SIdro. The room was spacous but the water dropped from the upper stories. It would cost USD120 and breakfast buffet would take addition USD15. It is closed to the airport and the cost to there would cost 40 Sol (around 15 USD). They provide 500 mileage points for the Continental airlines and many other airlines company.

(2)   IBIS hotel in Mapaflores

I want to recommend this hotel. It is cheap and the service and the restaurant in there was reasonable

1)   Good location

It is located next to the big shopping mall and a beautiful cliff beaches.

2)   Nice restaurants

They has a newly oppend restaurant in the inside of the hotel. If you may 33 sol, you may select 3 traditional Peru food. It has a very clean decoration and some nice souvenirs on one side of the restaurants.

3)   Nearby city tour bus

If you pay around 50 Sol, you may take a city tour bus. It visited famous buildings in the city center and some fountains in the city.

3.   What to eat?

I found that it has a very nice shopping and easting place in the Mapaflores. I visited Tonny Lomas in there. It is a one of the fomous franchised restaurant, but this place commends really nice view. I recommend you to visit this place around sunset

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