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San Francisco

SFO Aviation map, Mr. Yeo's around the world travel

San Francisco Aviation Map

1. About San Franicisco

San Francisco is a city in the American state of California. It is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge. With a population of 744,041, San Francisco is the 4th largest city in California behind Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose. It is in the northern part of California, between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco was founded in 1776 by the Spanish conquerors. It was called "Yerba Buena" which is Spanish for "Good Herb", because mint grew there in abundance. After the Mexican-American War, Yerba Buena was taken over by the United States. In 1848 it was renamed "San Francisco" and became a city in 1850. The city is famous for its many internet companies and being home to a large gay population.

(Source: Wikipedia)

1. How to go there?

(1)  From Korea

Delta Air Lines DL7867 ICN 16:10  SFO 10:45 
Korean Air        KE023 ICN 16:10 SFO 10:45 
US Airways       US5204 ICN 16:40 SFO 11:20 
United              UA7979 ICN 16:40 SFO 11:20 
Continental     CO4414 ICN 16:40 SFO 11:20 
Asiana Airlines OZ214 ICN 16:40 SFO 11:20 
Singapore        SQ016 ICN 17:40 SFO 12:20 
US Airways      US6632 ICN 18:15 SFO 12:45 BOS
Asiana Airlines OZ8926 ICN 18:15 SFO 12:45 BOS
United             UA892 ICN 18:15 SFO 12:45 BOS
Continental     CO892 ICN 18:15 SFO 12:45 BOS


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