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1, Investment in Russia

Moscow is the Financial, economic and politcial heart of Russia. The following is some of the reasons to invest in Moscow.

(1) Moscow's 18 milion citizens generate almost 20% of Russia's GDP.

(2) Nearly all strategic decisions are made here

(3) Moscow is the logistical center of Russia

(4)  Expatriates from all over the wolrd have made Moscow a cosmopolitan city

(5) The capital offers excellant job opportunities for skilled and talented workers

(6)  Moscow is the only place to acquire Russian co-investment and from joint ventures

(7)  The Moscow city government is the driving for behind the modernization of the Russian capitla and actively encourage innovation and enterpreneurship

(8)   Easy to access programs for foreign investors make Moscow the natural choice for any Russian business venture.

2. Contact

Technopolis Moscow

(1) Business Development CEO Ms. Leyla Alleva CFA


(2) Mr. Srefan Pailert


(4)  Mr.Alexey Kotov


(5)  Ms. Anna Gorbatova




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