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Los Angeles

LAX airport

1. Where to visit?

(1)  Universal Studio

The enterance fee is around USD60. You may see various artificial sets for movies. You may experience subway accident, flood and peaceful houses.

2.  About Los Angeles

Los Angeles (also called L.A.) is a city in southern California, in the United States. There are 3,847,400 people living in the city, and over 18 million people in the L.A. region. The city has an area of 1200 square kilometres. L.A. has the second largest population of any city in the United States, the first being New York City. It is also the largest city of California (source wikipedia)

3. History of Los Angeles

The name Los Angeles comes from the Spanish language and it means "the Angels". The name is an abbreviation from the original name of the place. The original name is "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula" (in English, "town of our lady the Queen of Angels of the little Portion"). Los Angeles was founded in 1781. The area had earlier been explored by two Franciscan priests named Junipero Serra and Juan Crespi, when California still belonged to Spain. On April 4, 1850 California became a State of the USA. Los Angeles began to grow rapidly from when the railroad came in the 1870s up until the 1930s. Los Angeles was home to the Olympic Games in 1932 and 1984. Twice the city broke out in riots, in 1965 and 1992, both caused by anger between people and the city police. In 1994, an earthquake killed 72 people and damaged many buildings. (source wikipedia)

2. How to go there?

The following flights are available to Los Angeles. Please note that LAX airport is one of the most crowed airport in the world.

(1)  From Korea

The following flights are available from Incheon to Los Angeles.


DL7929  ICN 1:40 LAX 20:20 TTSS
KE015  ICN 1:40 LAX 20:20 TTSS
KE001 ICN 11:10 NRT-LAX  
JL5204 ICN 11:10 NRT-LAX  
OZ6602 ICN 12:15 NRT-LAX  
NH7046 ICN 12:15 NRT-LAX  
UA890 ICN 12:15 NRT-LAX  
CO890 ICN 12:15 NRT-LAX  
KE017 ICN 15:10 LAX 9:50 
AM6702 ICN 15:10 LAX 9:50 
LA5861 ICN 15:10 LAX 9:50 
DL7859 ICN 15:10 LAX 9:50 
OZ202 ICN 16:30 LAX 11:30 
CO4402 ICN 16:30 LAX 11:30 
US5200 ICN 16:30 LAX 11:30 
UA7975 ICN 16:30 LAX 11:30 
AM6704 ICN 19:50 LAX 15:10 
KE011 ICN 19:50 LAX 15:10 
DL7861 ICN 19:50 LAX 15:10 
UA7977 ICN 20:00 LAX 15:20 
US5202 ICN 20:00 LAX 15:20 
CO4404 ICN 20:00 LAX 15:20 
OZ204 ICN 20:00 LAX 15:20 
KE061 ICN 21:35 LAX 16:25 GRU 11:40  MWF
AM6705 ICN 21:35 LAX 16:25 GRU 11:40 MWF
DL7879 ICN 21:35 LAX 16:25 GRU 11:40 MWF

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