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2008년 시작된 태국의 LCD공장 건설 프로젝트는 2011년 6월이 되어서야 완성되었다. 태국의 날씨는 무더웠지만 해질때의 해안가 식당에서 바라보는 태국의 바다가는 너무나도 아름다왔다.

[Picture 1. Seafood Restaurant near Laemchabang]



[Picture 2. Mr. Wang from Suzhou, China, You may see a buddist temple in far above]


Laemchabang is one of the largest harbor near Bangkok.


1. How to go there?

(1)   Bus

Yuu may take a bus from Bangkok International Airport to Audong. In the Bangkok city, you have take a bus from the Souther Bus terminal near subway Nana.

(2)   Rent a Car

You may take highway number 7 (Bangkok to Pattay) and change into road 371. You may also take road number 3 to go there

2,  Where to stay?

(1)  Laemchabang City Hotel

Laemchabang City Hotel is one of the best hotel in Laemchabang. It would cost around USD30 per night.

3.  Where to buy?

(1)   Harbor Mall

Harbor mall is one of the best shopping mall in Laemchabang. It has Lotus, books store and beuty parlers.

4.  Where to Eat?

(1) Hana

Hana is a Korean Restaurant located in the Audon bus terminal,

(2)   Ayoyi

Ayoi is located on the 3rd floor of Harbor Mall. It is one of the franchised Japanese restaurant.


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