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Incheon has the main hub airport in Korea. It has many beautiful beaches. Songdo international city area is also worth visiting. It has Chinatown but it is similar with local Korean food.

1.   How to go?

(1)  From San Francisco

The following flights are available from San Francisco.

United UA893 SFO  ICN 16:20
Korean Air KE024  SFO  ICN 17:35
Delta Air Lines DL7866  SFO  ICN 17:35
US Airways  US5205  SFO  ICN 18:00
United UA7980  SFO  ICN 18:00
Asiana Airlines OZ213  SFO  ICN 18:00
Continental Airlines CO4413  SFO  ICN 18:00
Singapore Airlines SQ015  SFO  ICN 18:40

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