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Hoanquiem Lake in Hanoi

Hoanquiem lake in Hanoi is one of the most popular area in Hanoi city. Hanoi city is a waypoint to the Haryong bay. There are many tourist companies near the Hoanquiem lake. A daily tour to Haryong bay would cost USD20 -USD40.  I stayed at Tao bao grand hotel and it costs only USD30-40scenary from the hoanquiem lake

[picture 1. sceanry from the hoanquiem lake]

best scenary in the honaquiem lake

[picture 2. hoanquiem lake in Hanoi city]

temple in the hoanquiemlake

[picture 3. temple in the hoanquiem lake]

manglove trees in Hoan quiem lake

[picture 4 manglove trees in Hoanquiem lake]

tao bao hotel near hoanquiem in Hanoi city


[picture 5 hotel room in Tao bao grand in Hanoi]


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