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Dar Es Salaam Glof Course (Gymkhana golf club, Gymkhana country club]

Dar Es Salaam has a golf `course in the downtown. It cost 10 minutes from the Double tree Hotel and it is located just next to Serena Hotel in the downtown. Green fee is around 32,000 TSH (20 USD) and caddy fee is around TSH 10,000 (USD 6). Fairway is rather harder and it is similar with golf course in Chennai, India.

club house of dar es salaam glof club

[picture 1 clubhouse of dar es salaam golf club]

dar es salaam golf club, khanara golf club

[picture 2. hole7 of Dar Es salaam golf club]

hole 16 of dar es salaam golf club

[picture 3. hole 16 of dar es salaam golf club. It is located next to the beach. You may see Mr. Pansho from India]

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