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Cuatitlan Izcali

Cuatitlan Izcali is located on the northern part of Mexico City.(Ciudad de Mexico). It has a beautiful lake called "Lago de Guadalupe".

1.  How to go there?

One of the easist way to go there is take a Metro from the Mexico City.

(1) You may ride Metro and take out a BuenaVista Sation. It will be only 0.3 USD for a ride.

(2) At the BuenaVista Station, please take a Subarbuno Train to Cuatitlan. It will be 1.4 USD.

(3) At the Cuatitlan station, there are many buses to Cuatitlan Sentro. It cost around 0.9 USD

2. Where to stay?

(1)  Fiest Inn

Fiest Inn in Cuatitlan Izcali is the best hotel in the city. They will charge around USD110 per night.

I t has a nice restaurant and it is connected with shopping center.

3.   Where to buy?

(1)  Walmart Cuatitlan Izcali

It is one of the best shopping center in San Marcos.

(2) Mega Mall in Cuatitlan Izcali

There are 2 Mega Mall in Cuatitlan Izcali. One is located in San Miguel and the other one is located in Cuatitlan Izcali Sentral.

(3) Soriana

It is located near the San Miguel

4. Where to Eat?

(1) Sushi Itto

Sushi Itto is located in the San Marcos. It serves various Japanese food.

(2) Los Gaoneras

Los Gaoneras is also located in the San Marcos. They provide many steak in a reasonable price.

5. Where to go?

(1)  Cinemex

Cinemex is located in the San Marcos, You may watch a movie at 50 pesos.

(2) Madeiras Country Club

Madeiras Country Club is located near the lake Guadelupe. It has 18 holes and they would charge 1,600 pesos on Saturday and Sunday. Anyway it is much quite golf course.

.Madeiras Country Club in Cuatitlan Izcaii

[picture 1. Madeiras Country Club]

6. Railroad map of tren subarbano

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