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Beijing is the capital city of China. Tiananmen square and kukong is well kinown place to the world. Nuochao is also famous for the 2008 Olympic games.

1.  How to go?

(1)   Train

Most of the express train stop at Beijing Nan Station. You may visit Beijing from Tianjin or some other places in China.

(2)   From Korea

No We, Sa        OZ331 ICN 8:40 PEK 9:40 2hours
No We, Sa        CA5002 ICN 8:40 PEK 9:40 2hours
No T,T,Sa          KE855 ICN 11:35 PEK 12:35 2hours
No T,T,Sa           CZ4508 ICN 11:35 PEK 12:35 2hours
No M.Tu, Fr,Sa   OZ333 ICN 13:00 PEK 14:00 2hours
No we, Th, Su    OZ333 ICN 13:00 PEK 14:00 2hours
No M.Tu, Fr,Sa   CA5004 ICN 13:00 PEK 14:00 2hours
No we, Th, Su    CA5004 ICN 13:00 PEK 14:00 2hours
Daily         CA124 ICN 13:05 PEK 14:05 2hours
Daily         OZ6807 ICN 13:05 PEK 14:05 2hours
No Tu,Fr   CA5006 ICN 15:15 PEK 16:15 2hours
No Tu,Fr    OZ335 ICN 15:15 PEK 16:15 2hours
Daily         CA126 ICN 18:10 PEK 19:10 2hours
Daily         OZ6803 ICN 18:10 PEK 19:10 2hours
Daily         CZ4506 ICN 19:05 PEK 20:05 2hours
Daily         KE853 ICN 19:05 PEK 20:05 2hours

2. Where to Stay?

(1)  Crown Plaza Hotel

It is a five star hotel and it was pretty quite. It was located closed to the Naochao


3.  Where to visit?

(1)  Tiananmen and Kukong

Kukong is the old palace of Qing dynasty. Tiananmen is the south gate of Kukong. It is where the Chinese king is stayed.

[Picture 1.  Kukong in Beijing]

(2) Nuochao

Nuochao is the main stadium of Olympic game. It is famous for the apprearance of bird nest.


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