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I lived and visited more than 200 cities all around the world. This site provides general information on the cities. It tells you about hotels, sight seeing place, restaurants and other places for fun. This is based on my actual travel experience and all pictures were taken by me. I have visited more than 30 countries but the first directional around the world trip was made on the April of 2012. I left the Brazil on the summer of January and reached Chile and Peru. I stayed 1 day in Panema and moved up to Mexico. I finished all the repairing work in Mexico and traveled to US. I took a long flights to Korea to visit my home. I was struggled in Qatar of a hot city in the Middle east. My flights took me back to Brazil via Africa continent.





France, Italia, Germany

Belgium, Netherland, Netherland(2) 

Luxemburg Croatia,

Poland, Denmark, CzechCroatia(2)

Russia,  Greece, Serbia, Serbia(2)


Qatar, UAE, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan(2)

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan

India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam(2)

Vietnam,  Macau, Myanmar

Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

China, China(2), China(3) China(4)

 Hongkong, Taiwan, Taiwan(2)

 Korea,   Japan, Philippines, Korea(2)

Indonesia, Moldives , Bhutan


Canada, USA,  

Silicon Velley Silicon Valley(2)

Mexico, Panama, USA(2), California

ColombiaPeru, Chile,

Brazil, Colombia(2),

,Algeria, Algeria(2) Tanzania, Rewanda New Zealand



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